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To Whom It May Concern,

I have been very happy with services provided; my Nephrology USA expectations have been met above and beyond. Nephrology USA compared to others has worked with me not only at the time of recruitment but also has made themselves available to me for advice or problems in handling candidates. I would definitely use and highly recommend Nephrology USA in the future.


Dear Martin:

I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of Cumberland Nephrology Associates to personally thank you for helping our practice recruit nephrologists for our Cumberland County New Jersey practice. You have the singular distinction of being able to say that you alone have been able to recruit 3 physicians to our area in the last five years. Your dedication to our practice, willingness to seek out applicants and to work with them and us during this interviewing and employment process is a true pleasure. I have always been able to get a hold of you, and you have done everything I could have possibly asked to facilitate a positive outcome of negotiations. We continue to look forwared to growing with you over the future.

I cannot thank you enough for all the time, effort and dedication that you have placed into helping our practice grow.

New Jersey

Dear Martin:

I must thank you and your organization for the level of attention to detail and assistance in recruiting not one, but two nephrologists for our practice for this July. Our market is not an attractive one from a financial viewpoint and this certainly was a perceived obstacle in recruiting quality nephrologists. Our need for two nephrologists was a further compounding issue; and my partner and I had grave concerns that we would be successful in our recruitment efforts.

Not only were you able to find us two extremely qualified candidates who we believe are a "perfect fit" for our practice, but additionally, we felt we had several other good candidates from which to choose, recruitied by your firm. Unlike so many other recruiting firms that seem to send every CV to each potential employer; you truly seemed to understand the needs of our practice and our goal; for the candidates you did send us all seem to have the necessary tools and likely, just as importantly, have the characteristics we were seeking.

Only the future will dictate the ultimate success, however, we cannot be more pleased at present. Both your work, as well as Pat Sanders', was beyond our highest expectation and we certainly appreciate your help. Ultimately, I will be glad to speak to any other potential client of yours and recount our most favorable experience with your firm.

With great appreciation, most warmly, 


I am a graduating second year fellow and I am writing in to tell you about an outstanding physician recruiter. I’m sure Martin Osinski is well known to the RPA, but I thought that he again deserves recognition and mention for his work.

One of the best things about Martin was his availability and advice as a resource to fellows who are just learning the intricacies of the job market and interview process. At his suggestion, I bounced many thoughts and issues off of him regarding practices I was dealing with—many of which he had no involvement in. He always gave sound and
helpful advice. Again, this was for practices he had no involvement in and no potential commission from.

When dealing with Martin and the groups he was representing, he had an honest and low pressure approach. If he didn’t think that a group was right for me, even in an area that I was interested in, he would tell me so. Not once did I experience any sense of pressure or urgency in the discussions with him.

Unfortunately, the range and style of physician recruiters is broad. I found some of them very pushy and often annoying. They would call often and badger you about sending your CV to places you tell them you are not interested in. Thier "used car salesman" style and insincerity were apparent from the onset.

Martin is a businessman. He makes money when he places a physician at a practice. But he does his work with a style and class that stands out in his field. For this, he deserves recognition and endorsement. Please feel free to pass this on to your readers and future graduating fellows.

Please note that Martin had no connection whatsoever with the job I eventually took.

Thank you.