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Finding an associate to join your practice in this current job environment may not seem difficult but Finding the right person is. At NephrologyUSA® we realize that every facet of your life can be more positive and successful with the right person as your associate-so should you.

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Nephrology practice consultations

Nephrology USA®: Nephrology Practice Consulting Services

Practicing Nephrology is getting harder. The way things are today, you have to work harder to make the same or less money. The one thing you cannot afford to do is make a mistake especially one that could have been avoided. That is where NephrologyUSA can help.

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We are committed to fulfilling your search requirements exactly as promised.

Each contract is personally designed to meet our clients' needs and specifically states the performance standards by which your satisfaction will be judged.


Nephrology News & Issues, May 2018
Martin Osinski, MBA, CVA


How things have changed. Twenty-five years ago, nephrology fellows coming out of training were looking for opportunities that would allow them th

Martin Osinski. MBA, CVA

What can we expect — and what do we think we need — to handle the kidney disease population over the next 30 years?

Having helped nephrologists, young and old, find employment over the

By Martin Osinski, MBA, AVA
from Nephrology News & Issues 

Nine years of your life. 

That is the minimum number of years a fellow needs to complete post-college training to become a nephrologist.

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How to prepare your Curriculum Vitae

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Nephrology USA assists Nephrology Practices looking for Associates and Nephrologists and Nephrology Fellows seeking Nephrology positions.
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Recruiting Services

Working with us can insure that you get the best candidates to interview at no risk.

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Consulting Services

Are there things you could be doing today that will enhance the value of your practice tomorrow?